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We have been a leader in the construction temporarily
equipment business in Korea.
We have been a leader in the construction temporary equipment business in Korea, with top-notch technology and quality, for the last 20 years as a full-scale manufacturer and distributor of the temporary materials since the establishment in 1982. And also we have pioneered into the overseas markets with a variety of products exported to about 10 countries overseas. Especially the ISO9001 certification means we are recognized internationally for the quality.

Scaffold Korea has been continuously making efforts to become a company of substance with various management principles. The company has grown into a transparent and honest one through righteous management, and the talent-focused management has put the right man in the right place, consequently managing for efficiency and creating profits. And also the customer-oriented management, sympathizing in mind and manner, has helped the customers enjoy the quality products and services.

With the determination, armed with challenging spirit and forceful drive, to lead the construction temporary equipment business for the 21st century, we will not rest on our laurels. Instead we will keep up with efforts for continuous change to stay competitive without falling behind the times

To run ahead in the 21st century which is rapidly changing and limitlessly competitive, Scaffold Korea has provided the customers with various information on our products available from anywhere in the world in real-time manner through the homepage both in Korean and English, allowing the customers to get the right information for any product, also with right prices.

Facing up to change and progress, Scaffold Korea will hold on to honesty and righteousness while remaining focused on the original intention. We also will behave in modest attitude and stay in tune with the customers, which can be possible through our utmost efforts to understand and behave for the sake of customers, Thanks