Is a type of form that is easy to install and uninstall on any type of steel concrete structure. Also this product does not only have a simple structure but was also developed to perform many functions which makes it possible
for companies using this product to save constructionexpenses, simplify work, and accelerate the construction process to save time.It is thus effective in saving personnel and other expenses. Especially after the panel has been worn out, just by adjusting the frame and angle, removing impurities, and painting, the product is able to be used again.
Used toward the inner corners
of the structure.
Used to connect the euro form with the euro form towards the outer corner of the structure.
This is a form used for corners of tunnel work and underground construction.
Used to install scaffolds on the outer skirts of the building being constructed or as a square to shut out from the outsides or to support the frame of the structure when dismantling. It is also called the single pipe scaffolding system. It's width and height are to adjusted, installing and uninstalling is easy, and is coated with zine to give it extra endurance.
Used as a substitute for lumber during slab processes or as a reinforcement for walls.
Shoring & props are manufactured using high density steel pipes to maximize security and also to adjust the height to allow for easy operations. Shoring & props are classified into general paint coated black pipes, zinc surface coated white pipes that do not easily erode or cause friction.
System Scaffolding is consisted of vertical post, horizontal ledger post, U-head jack and Jack base. it supports that ground structure or apartment & store structure, furthermore, be support of upper floors structure such as various engineering works and bridge.
The parts of the frame scaffolding are manufactured be forehand in our factories and are assembled on the site. Compared to the single scaffolding the frame scaffolding is more secure and easily operable.The parts are design ed structurally to provide a high level of security, and are manufactured using strong steel pipeswhich allow for longterm use. Also its storage and transporting is not only easy and economic but also anyone can easily assemble and dissemble the product.
Installed in Load Tower, Frame Scaffoldings, And Single Pipe Scaffolding to provide a work plank used to install or uninstall parts, paint, or weld.
Used as a temporary stairway regardless of height, under or over ground.
Used as a plank for the frame scaffolding and is also used to prevent earth extrusions during road Extension construction.
Used in various construction sites to prevent the dispersion of dust and to secure the safe passage of pedestrians to prevent accidents.
Simple yet strong and easy to install to fit any purpose.

Install in every floor below the eighth floor for the single scaffold, and below every fifth floor for every double scaffold.
For Single Scaffolding - 7.9KG
For Double Scaffolding - 14.4KG
For Single Scaffolding - 6.5KG
For Double Scaffolding - 12.5KG
For Single Scaffolding - 10.6KG
For Double Scaffolding - 16KG
Manufactured to accmmodate
for use in a balcony - 4.4kg
Side Wall - 2.6KG

* Height - More than 90cm. * width between guardrail columns - Less than 2m.
* Height of Middle rail - More than 0.45m.
* Height of the width block - More than 0.1m
* Must be able to withstand weights of More than 100kg
(Horizontal Applied Weight 120kg. Changes in dimensions must be less than 100mm)
- Used exclusively for balconies.
- Used to increase worker efficiency and prevent falls.
- Used for stairways, slabs, and balconies.
- Minimized guardrail, Easy to install and uninstall.
- Concluded with a U shaped bolt.
The beam guardrail used to place safety ropes during the construction of the steel frames. This guardrail is strong against external impacts and is also used as a supportive rail during H beam constructions.
Also called the E/V opening protection zone, It is used to prevent worker from falling. Increases worker efficiency by providing the worker with security.
This is very practical stage platform for various events, which can be easily set up and dismounted. Each size of the platform is custom-built and produced to the stage plan; thereby it enhances convenience, practicality, and compatibility with the existing stage. This also provides the elevation control and easy set-up on an inclined plane by using Jack base .
Stage plank W:910 * L :1820
Main frame H : 910 * W : 910
Jack base H : 600mm × 34Ø
Stage unit Fin 1: for corner, Fin 2: for side, Fin 3: for corner, Fin 4: for center