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Brackets are classified into horizontal, angled, vertical, and annexed brackets and are used when constructing the framework by fastening it to the earth beneath the single scaffolding to install a work plank. Bracket standards vary for each manufacturer.
Balcony Bracket
(Installed in every floor below the eighth floor for the single scaffolding, and below every fifth floor for every double scaffolding.)
Model A B C
Single scaffolding 740m/m 100~160m/m 150m/m
690m/m 160~210m/m 150m/m
Double scaffolding 890~940m/m 160~210m/m 150m/m
Side Wall Bracket
For Single Scaffolding - 7.9㎏
For Double Scaffolding - 14.4㎏
The back side for adjust
For Single Scaffolding - 6.5㎏
For Double Scaffolding - 12.5㎏
Slab Bracket
Manufactured to accommodate for
Used in a balcony - 4.4kg
side wall - 2.6㎏
* or the balcony edge