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System Scaffolding
System scaffoldings consist of vertical posts, horizontal ledger posts, U-head jacks and jack bases. They are props to support not only the underground structures, but also to support building structures combining residences and stores, engineering works, bridge constructions, whose highly elevated structures demand props for supporting. In order to supplement the weak points of the previous scaffoldings and shoring/props that can not shore up the highly elevated structures, the system scaffoldings are well organized in modern technology, providing you economical and security advantages in installing and dismantling.
Vertical Post
Vertical posts are main the members transferring the upper part load of a structure to the lower part of the structure.
Model Kg mm
P25 12.0 2,588
P17 8.3 1,725
P12 6.2 1,291
P08 4.4 863
P04 3.0 432
P02 2.0 216
Horizontal Post
Horizontal ledger posts are the members installed horizontally to prevent the vertical posts from being curved.
Model Kg mm mm
H18 5.0 1,829 1,725
H15 4.3 1,524 1,463
H12 3.5 1,219 1,158
H09 2.8 914 853
H06 2.1 610 549
H03 1.3 305 244
Diagonal Bracing
Diagonal bracings are the members to connect and fasten between horizontal ledger posts, and also between vertical posts in order to endure the lateral force against the props
Model A(mm) B(mm) Weight(Kg) L(mm)
B1715 1,725 1,524 5.3 2,139
B1712 1,725 1,219 5.0 1,974
B1709 1,725 914 4.7 1,845
B1215 1,291 1,524 4.6 1,807
B1212 1,291 1,219 4.2 1,609
B1209 1,291 914 3.8 1,447
B0815 863 1,524 4.1 1,530
B0812 863 1,219 3.6 1,290
B0809 863 914 3.4 1.082
U-head Jack
U-head jacks are adjustable props installed at the vertical posts upper part of system scaffoldings, helping the tubes connect to the system scaffoldings.
Model Kg mm
U-Head 5.4 600
Jack Base
Jack bases are adjustable props installed at the lower part of system scaffoldings, helping the vertical posts stay stable horizontally and vertically.
Model Kg mm
Jack Base 5.0 600
Tubes are the members installed at right angles against joists to shore up the joists and to transfer the upper part load down to lower part.
Model Spec.
Tube 75 * 125 * 3t
Sockets are used to install the U-head after being combined into the upper insert part of the vertical posts.
Model Kg mm
Socket 0.5 120
Trusses are used at the lower part of the structures or where main props are difficult to build.
Model Kg mm
Truss 18 1,524