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Steel Plank
The steel planks are installed on frame scaffoldings, tube scaffoldings and load towers to provide a working plank, where the necessary members are installed, dismantled, coated and welded
New Product
Used Product
New Product
Steel Plank Ring Attached
W(mm) L(mm) Material Kg
250 1829 C.G.I 9.1
400 1829 13.1
500 1829 15.1
Steel Plank Ring Not Attached
W(mm) L(mm) Material Kg
250 3000 C.G.I 13.8
400 3000 20.6
500 3000 24.3
Angle Control Staircase
New Product Used Product
The angle control staircases are installed to pipes by using the attached clamps, which are widely used for a temporary stairway regardless of the height below and above ground.
Model Spec Kg
Stair Plank 250 * 914(mm) 10Kg
Pierced Steel Plate (P.S.P)
The P.S.P is used as a plank for the scaffolding frame, and is also used to prevent the extrusion of earth sand during road extension constructions.
New Product Used Product
Model Spec Thickness Kg
Pierced Steel Plate 425 * 3040(mm) 3t 29Kg