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Tube Scaffolding
New product
Used product
Length 6m 4m 3m 2m 1m
Weight 15.78kg 10.52kg 7.89kg 5.26kg 3.95kg
Spec 48.6Ø * 2.3t
• Zinc plated steel sheets provide quality attachment and elegant surface, which can inhibit the corrosion as
   much as possible with the excellent corrosion proof quality.
• Tube scaffolds are mostly used for the construction of houses and lower buildings, to carry out the works such
   as maintaining the exposed concrete surface and also build-up of blocks or bricks.
• Coupling pins and clamps help can fasten and secure to enhance safety.
• Easy to install and to dismantle. It is convenient to transport and to store, which provides economical
• Special coating and hot-dip galvanizing plating can provide an excellent endurance.
Square Tube
New product
Used product
Length 4m 3m 2m
Weight 12kg 9kg 6kg
Spec 50mm * 50mm
Thickness 2t
• Square tubes can help prevent the plywood form moving during the construction
• Higher recovery rate increases the reuse for other sites, reducing the loss and the times for construction,
   which is economical.
• Lighter weight makes it easy to handle. Semi-permanent quality provides a long-term service.
• Convenient to store and to maintain, so they cost you only half of the transportation cost for lumbers,
   when they need to be deployed to other sites
Coupling Pin
New product
Used product
Insert the products inside the ending parts of tubes, then turn 70º clockwise for connection.
Model Spec. Weight
Coupling Pin Ø48.6 * 225mm 0.4kg