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• For the panel works and for systemizing the reinforced concrete formworks
• For the retaining walls in engineering works, for hangers and for ceiling joists for the ceiling works.
• Light, high-strength considering the specific gravity, easy to process.
• Mostly preferred square lumbers come in the dimensions of 40mm*50mm, 50mm*80mm, and 80mm*80mm.
Square Lumber
Square Lumber
Kg m cm cm
inner material 
36 9 9
36 8.4 8.4
36 8.1 8.1
27 8.4 8.4
27 8.1 8.1
36 8.4 5.1
36 8.1 5.1
36 8.4 3.9
36 8.1 3.9
36 5.4 3.9
36 5.1 5.1
36 5.1 3.9
36 4.2 4.2
36 4.2 4.2
36 4.2 4.2
36 3 3
36 3 3
36 15 10
36 15 9
36 15 8
36 15 7
36 15 6
Ordinary Plywood
Plywood is a wood sheet manufactured using thinly sliced wood veneers. The veneers are glued together in odd numbers, each with its grain at right angles to adjacent layers. The plywood comes in three, five, seven or nine layers of veneer when manufactured, with thickness ranging from 1.6mm through 30mm. The types of applied glue classify plywood into waterproof plywood and semi-waterproof plywood. The types of used wood divide plywood into softwood plywood, hardwood plywood and combined plywood of softwood and hardwood.
water proof plywood Semi-water proof plywood
concrete formwork earmark construction interior
size 3*6(910*1820mm)
2.7mm, 4.8mm, 7.5mm, 8.5mm, 11.5mm thick 2.7mm, 4.8mm, 7.5mm, 8.5mm, 11.5mm
phenol,melamine resin adhesives urea resin
Birch Plywood
The surface is light pale yellow colored showing the grain lightly. The grain comes alive more when coated, so the plywood can be used as high-grade finish. Good resonance and noise-shielding characteristics can fulfill not only the technical function and also esthetic function.
Phenolic Film Faced Shuttering Pluwood
TEGO plywood is used for construction, and used for concrete formwork panels whose both sides are coated with the films that are impregnated with WBP phenol resin. TEGO plywood is completely waterproof plywood which is 2 or 3 times more enhanced in endurance and waterproof, compared to the ordinary formwork panels. Mostly together with the concrete form panels, the plywood is highly used for formwork systemizing and also used for construction exterior. Widely used in Korea is plywood with the dimensions of 12mm with 910mm*1820mm, and 12mm with 1220mm*2400mm. Additionally, engineering works need the plywood with the thickness of 15mm or 18mm.
earmark concrete formwork
size 3*6(910*1820mm), 4*8(1220*2440mm)
thick 12mm, 15mm, 18mm
adhesives phenol,melamine resin
PET Plywood
PET plywood is coated with the environmental friendly films and is easy to treat for reuse. The facing surface makes it easier for separation just like a mirror. Problems in using the plywood, when the facing surface is damaged, are reduced enough to increase the rate of reuse dramatically. Application of PET films reinforces the strength. Incineration of the
plywood is said to generate no harmful emission. The concrete surface can still cure clean and even, although
after the plywood was used 8 times at least already, regardless of damage to the surface.
Urethane Coated Plywood
The plywood is used for construction, whose one side of the waterproof plywood is coated with Urethane. The plywood is used for concrete curing, especially for the slabs.
Apitong Plywood
The Apition plywood is glued at 100% WBP level. The plywood comes from Apitong wood, which is hardwood and favored as for concrete panels.
section Domestic plywood Myanmar plywood
class hard wood / soft wood hard wood
adhesives melamine resin phenol resin
grade KS grade 1 IHPA grade 1
number 4 8
Lumber Core Plywood
The lumber core plywood is economically favorable because it combines the layers of veneers and glues the lumbers in between, which help increase the recycling of abandoned lumbers and reduce the use of glue. The plywood comes in the thicker dimensions of more than 15mm for furniture and interior.
size 4*8(1220*2440mm
thick 15mm,18mm, 22mm, 25mm
OSB Plywood
O.S.B is manufactured from rectangular and thin wooden chips placed at right angles against each other. The wooden chips are specially manufactured, not as by-products from other manufactured products, to maximize the O.S.B performance. Just like plywood of veneers, the O.S.B is manufactured in a way of each layer coming onto other layer to secure and to
maximize strength and hardness. The O.S.B produced in North America uses adhesives of complete
waterproof, with also the application of sealant to prevent water from penetrating during the transportation
in most cases. Additionally in case of covering for roofs, one side of the board is roughly treated to prevent
the boards moving. The O.S.B is also widely used for residential, non-residential, and industrial building.
Odorless Plywood
Combining formaldehyde with urea resin or with phenol resin, to produce adhesives for plywood, generates odor during the chemical reaction between formaldehyde and urea resin or between formaldehyde and phenol resin. The odor can be reduced or eliminated through the manufacturing process. The types of odorless plywood divide into Completely Odorless (F1), Odorless (F2), Semi Odorless (F3) and WBP groups.
earmark construction interior
size 4*8(1220*2440mm)
thick 8.5mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm
adhesives phenol resin
C.S.P Plywood
C.S.P(Canadian Softwood Plywood) is also called Douglas Pine Plywood, which comes with touch of natural wood. The C.S.P is widely used for interior and structural purpose
class earmark
size 4*8(1220*2240mm)
thick 4.5mm, 7.5mm, 14.2mm
M.D.F can be produced after the manufacturing process which starts with breaking down the wood in high temperature into wood fibers, which are bonded by adhesives of synthetic resin. The bonded wood fibers are shaped into desired forms and also go through high temperature and pressures before being made into the texture of density of 0.4g/㎥ through 0.8g/㎥. The M.D.F is widely used for the upper part of tables, doors, musical instruments, furniture, and interior works because it allows side moldings and surface treatment. Characteristics It is possible to choose from the various products ranging from 550kg/through 850kg/. The production can support the range of 8.1mm~30mm.
class earmark
size 4*8(1220*2440)
thick 3mm, 4.5mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm,
18mm, 19mm, 23mm, 25mm, 30mm