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Haunch Corners
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Haunch corner is designed to make a slow change in a section of a concrete construction, in order to prevent a localized damage the structure may experience when a concrete construction undergos a stress concentrated on a section where there is a drastic change in thickness or height. Haunch corner can help increase the section width and reinforce the section with steel bars. Haunch corner can be used installation for tunnels, for underground works, for connection of corners, slabs, joists, for putting together columns and joists, for box girders, for Rhamen. Haunch corner is to prevent the stress from exerting itself and concentrating on the structure, also to inhibit cracking, and to reinforce the structure.
Angle A(mm) W(mm) B(mm) L(mm) Weight(kg)
100 100 141 100 1200 15.72
150 100 212 100 1200 17.79
200 100 282 100 1200 19.84
250 100 353 100 1200 21.91
300 100 424 100 1200 23.98