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Concrete form panels
The concrete form panels are kind of systemized formwork, easy to install and to dismantle for the reinforced concrete construction in any type. The structure of the panels is conveniently designed for various functions, enabling the panels to be reused repeatedly, helping save the costs on materials and reduce the times for work by simplifying and accelerating the process. Consequently it can cut down on the labor costs and expenses. Basic and standard products as well as various products for different types and sizes of constructions are available from manufacturing. Recycling the panel after its life-span can help reduce costs, because we can remove plywood, adjust the frame and the angle, get rid of the impurities, carry out coloring and finally attach the new plywood. The recycled forms still perform as good as the new ones, with substantially reduced costs. Other types of recycled panel are those who combine the recycled frames and the used plywood which is still in good condition.
A/B 900mm 1,200mm 1,500mm 1,800mm
150mm 7.8kg 9.6kg 12.0kg 13.7kg
200mm 8.7kg 11.1kg 12.8kg 15.5kg
250mm 9.6kg 11.9kg 14.6kg 16.5kg
300mm 10.1kg 12.8kg 16.0kg 17.4kg
350mm 11.0kg 13.7kg 17.0kg 19.2kg
400mm 11.9kg 14.6kg 17.8kg 21.0kg
450mm 12.4kg 15.5kg 18.7kg 22.3kg
500mm 13.3kg 16.9kg 20.1kg 24.0kg
550mm 14.2kg 18.3kg 22.0kg 26.0kg
600mm 14.6kg 19.0kg 23.0kg 28.0kg
Inside Corner
Used product
The product is the part of the formwork, which is installed temporarily inside the corner of the structure. Installed at the corner of the structure, the product provides the connection between the concrete form panels. Various sizes of the product are available for the connection, depending on the space between the concrete form panels.
A(mm) B(mm) L(mm) weight(kg) Thickness(t)
100 100 1200 10.8 2.3
100 150 1200 12.2 2.3
100 200 1200 13.2 2.3
150 150 1200 13.2 2.3
150 200 1200 14.4 2.3
200 200 1200 15.6 2.3
Outside Corner
New product
Used product
The product is part of the formwork, which is installed temporarily outside the corner of the structure. The product provides the connection between the concrete form panels. The right size product can be used for any connection, depending on the length of the concrete form panels to be connected.
A(mm) B(mm) L(mm) weight(kg) Thickness(t)
63.5 63.5 1200 6.8 6
63.5 63.5 2400 13.6 6
Corcrete Form Panel Attachments
The attachments such as wedge pins/hooks (including flat ties) are necessary to systemize the various formworks, and also perform to construct the different types of formworks (Concrete form panels, Inside corners, Outside corners) into a whole structure. Wedge pins help put together concrete form panels, concrete form panels with inside corners, concrete form panels with outside corners. Hooks help connect the tube scaffoldings to the systematically completed formworks, enhancing the systematic strength of the formworks.
Accessory (Attachment) Model Spec Weight(Kg)
Hook Large 0.15
Small 0.12
Wedge Pin L-80mm 0.038
Flat Tie L-100mm 0.15
Timber Bracket batting
(single line)
(double line)
Filler 10 * 1200 0.495
Filler 20 * 1200 1.035
Filler Pin L-86mm 0.04
Square Large Hook
Square Small Hook
Vertical Large Hook
Horizontal Small Hook
Timber Bracket
Flat Tie
Wedge Pin
Filler Pin
Timber Bracket